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Women users of Facebook…you can be tracked by a Facebook tracking feature that CAN NOT be turned OFF

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The best you can do is be notified when your being tagged in a public pic or a public place so you can disallow the tagging of your location.

Get details here on how to notified that your being tagged…. ( http://www.cultofmac.com/158170/stop-apps-from-tracking-you-using-foursquare-and-facebook-how-to/)

I post this because there are now apps that coupled together Google Maps, Foursquare  (& other location Apps)  plus Facebook to show where women are and and their public Facebook pictures & all your public info on any cell phone.

Example:  Your in a public park with your wife/girlfriend plus her/your teenage daughter who are in bikinis and somebody with a digital camera phone snaps their pic and posts it online with the location data posted to Google maps. You suddenly notice a group of teen boys and older men suddenly wandering by you with a phone or camera  in their hands shooting pics of them.  Now you know why!!!!
Example: Your in a bar with a good buzz on and in walks a man who says “Hey aren’t you Cindy Whoever, I went to Portland High School with you brother Dan and how are Tom & Jane your Mom & Dad. You still read Mary Higgins and go to Foreign movie shows in the Old Port. Your more then likely to accept you knew this person so they are safe….

BEWARE they know all this info because you allow everyone in Facebook to know this, by default all your info you supply Facebook is available to anyone who makes use of the Facebook API development software. ANYONE 

Even worse for your PRIVACY concerns it DOES NOT matter that you set your personal INFO to PRIVATE in Facebook. A little known feature of Facebook’s API is that if you share your private info with a family member who’s PRIVACY setting is PUBLIC your PRIVATE data is no longer PRIVATE.


PERSONAL INFO marked private in FACEBOOK to even Family members is available to APP writers

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For people who mark their PERSONAL INFO to private in FACEBOOK to even Family
members are in for a shock.

App writers for Facebook apps can get around this restriction simply by using a
family members who’s privacy setting is “PUBLIC” to access all private info
of their friends and family without notifying anyone.


Other words it DOES NOT matter that you set your personal info to private, if you
have friends and family members with “available to all” your private info is “FAIR
GAME” to all Facebook app creators to be gleaned.

90+% of the games you are playing on Facebook are created to suck ALL the
demographics possible of EVERY PLAYER and their FAMILY & FRIENDS to be sold as
demographic info.

The CISPA LAW will remove the last of your LEGAL RIGHTS OF REFUSAL to companies
sharing your demographics info for PROFIT and allow FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YAHOO, U.S.
GOV, and the MUSIC & MOVIE MEGA CORPS to do anything they wish too with your

Securing your WordPress Blog Yourself

Posted on | April 5, 2012 | 2 Comments

Short Course on Securing your WordPress Blog

I been asked several times this week about WordPress Blog Security as it seems to be another batch of blog hacking occurring this last week by the script kiddies.

Now this advice is going to depend on whether your hosting your own blog through a web site hosting service you rent space from or whether your hosting it on WordPress.org.

The reason is because if your hosting your site on a outside hosting provider other then WordPress.org then you have much more organic control on what you can do to secure your blog site.

If your hosting your on blog the first and best thing you can do is host your blog as a sub directory as in:
http://yoursite.info/what you call your blog/  this makes finding your WordPress blog A LOT harder to find. Course experienced hackers will account for this but this alone will exclude most of the kiddie script hackers.

ADVERT – I sell a 40+ video course on How to safely do the  installation &  securing of your WordPress blog for a measly $7 or I will do this for you for $15 and still supply you with the Video course to learn from.

The next step is to create a master admin account using any name EXCEPT “ADMIN”, doing this will also helps fight the script kiddies hacking tool kits.

This securing of your blog can be done with any number of free plugins, make sure you pick 1 with 5 stars and that it has been updated within 15 to 50 days of the time you choose it so its current with the WordPress edition your using.

You will want to pick a plugin that will secure your database by changing the default database wp_ to something like wp_any-thing else as this will foil the script kiddies tool kits.

You will also want to secure the admin folder by adding a .htaccess file to restrict access to it, along with several other changes to chmode settings.

All of these changes have to be allowed by going into your web hosting providers cpanel and changing folders chmode settings, adding the .htaccess text file to the admin folder and editing it. The videos I provide will show you how to make any and all these changes easily and quickly even for the rank novice.

Now for those that want to do it the old school way I provide videos that show you how to download the WordPress installation zip and how to make all these changes to the installation config file so that all of this is done during the installation of WordPress.

Either way if your a rank beginner with no knowledge or skills or a intermediate user who wants to learn how to secure the installation on your desktop so nothing is needed to be done once the package is uploaded these 40 Plus WordPress Video Tutorials will teach you Installation and Securing of your WordPress Blog for $7 or for $15 I will sell you the Videos and secure your WordPress Installation for you.

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How do I center and clear my head before writing blog content

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I was asked how do I center myself and clear my head before writing my blog content.

I was a teaching instructor in the Army after breaking my neck in a on duty accident. I found the easiest way to develop a teaching topic I needed to teach was to use a objective list.

First I will reply to the first part of this question. In my case I write late night in my home office or out in my garage where  I will not be interrupted by family, friends, phone or other distractions. I use a writing tablet sometimes or a Android tablet.

It is important for me to be able to write down a topic and the main points the topic will cover before researching and writing about the topic.  Structuring the time & place like this and repeating it over and over for years makes this method instinctive to me.

If you can’t work at this time of night then you need to  go someplace quiet whether its outside, down in your basement, out in the garage or at your work,  try the bathroom, a large closet, the roof or a empty conference room, any place quiet will do.

As for clearing my head I usually play a online game of some sort, there is nothing better for clearing my head then some mindless slaughtering of aliens or zombies.

Now here is a  sample topic list.

Topic of the Article : 

Subtopic 1:


Subtopic 2:


Subtopic 3:




Topic of the Article :     Importance of  S.E.O. Keyword Choices BEFORE choosing Online Business Name

a. 100 words on why you need to choose keywords before doing anything else to start your online business

Subtopic 1:
    Using Google Adword app to choose  3 Business related Keywords before Choosing your online business name.

a. Instructions on signing up to Google Adwords for free $75 ad credit and how to use the free tools (100 words)

b. The reasons why choosing 3 related keywords is important to high placement in SERP rankings. (100 words)

Subtopic 2:
   Use at least 3 keywords in your Choice of domain name.

a. Why using the 3 keywords in the domain name improves your chances of ranking higher (100 words)

Subtopic 3:
  Using the keywords everywhere you can in your content.

a. Use keywords in your sites page names (25 words)

b. Use keywords in site pages descriptions (25 words)

c. Use keywords in all tool tip tags (25 words)

d. Use keywords in all picture tags (25 words)

e. Use keywords in hyperlink tags (25 words)


Using this list is just a guideline, adapt it to your writing style as you wish. Using this topic list while you do your article research also helps keep yourself on target and from wasting time getting your train of thought back if your are interrupted. I used notepad to create the topic list template and use “save as” to create each topic list to research and place them into a folder.

I hope this is of help to everyone that takes the time to read my blog and thanks to all who do read this far.   8)

Hawk Bailey
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Google Search Being Retooled

Posted on | March 15, 2012 | 28 Comments

WSJ is reporting major changes coming to Google’s search engine results will effect search ranking results for millions of sites!

Google search results will be under going major changes says Amit Singhal, a top Google search executive, as the company moves to providing more direct answers using software that understands the semantics of the asked questions.

Much more of the Google’s search results in coming months will be coming from databases it has acquired and developed in recent years, this will definitely affect millions of web sites that normally compete to be used in top of the search results listing. This is said to allow Google to serve up better targeted ads with a higher click through rate.

The new system is said to match search queries to a database with hundreds of millions of “entities” … people, places and things … a massive database Google has quietly amassed in the past two years.

The results are supposed to more closely match what the people are really looking for when they enter their search queries, however returning search results from a database maintained by Google means they can serve up ads that benefit them financially the most.

Google is determined to maintain its top position in the search engine results business, it is also determined to over take the success of Facebook  in collecting and selling the aggravated data it collects from users to advertisers. See “Google is retooling Apps to collect data

Hawk Bailey
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Google is retooling Apps to collect data

Posted on | March 15, 2012 | 32 Comments

Google is reworking it Apps to collect as much client data as possible to sell to advertisers.

The ill-fated change when CEO Larry Page took the company over and began directing that Google Apps needed to collect as much clients info as possible became the companies business goal and has ruined Google according to Former Engineering Director at Google and current Partner Development Manager at Microsoft James Whittaker.

Whittaker claims that Page is so focused on emulating Facebook’s being able to freely collect massive amounts of personal information for resale that instead of the company using Google Apps as a means to a end to raise money to innovate as it used to the company has now totally focused its business model on using Apps to collect and sell users info to advertisers.

+Google is just the newest app developed to try to emulate Facebook’s ability to easily extract data on all aspects of Facebook’s users lives. Every piece of info entered into the  different aspects of Facebook are used to serve up targeted ads, free offers, freebie games, which in turn collect more info on you.

I will not be surprised if before the year is over iGoogle doesn’t become the defacto front end of all Google’s services so that users do everything from a integrated gateway similar to Facebook’s front end.

It’s becoming more and more sure that the search engine giants emphasis has definitely shifted, it is now showing it is more interested in users data collection as a revenue stream then actual ad sales since the competition is so stiff in this area.

Use Google Services to Boost Mobile Sales

Posted on | March 5, 2012 | 81 Comments

How To Build Mobile Sales Using Free & Paid Google Services

STEP 1.  Start attracting Mobile Customers.

Sign up for the Free Google Places account whether you have a web site, blog or just a storefront, being found on mobile apps is critical to finding new customers.

Google Places also allows you to interact with customers posts through the Places dashboard that comes with your account if you only have a storefront.

STEP 2.  Google Offers

Google Offers matches your business with thousands of relevant customers in your area looking for amazing deals on great places to eat, shop and play. See why businesses are interested in partnering with Google Offers.

STEP 3.  Use Paid Google Boost Local Search Advertising.

For better mobile search results consider adding Google Boost sponsored text ads which will appear on Google Mobile Search and Map search results. These are local area targeted ads that you only pay for when they are directly clicked on by customers.

STEP 4.  Sign Up for a free $75 Adwords Account

Google Adwords accounts are now one of the best ways to advertise your business, you can choose just to advertise on mobile appliances, appear locally or statewide,  by which day and hours, and by how much you wish to spend a day.

With some research you can learn how to pay pennies per click when others are paying dollars per click for the same keyword results.

STEP 5. Webmaster Central

Using Webmaster Central is a key component of using and understanding how to use the Google tools correctly. Web master Central offers a one stop shop for all site owners big and small. This site aims to provide all web masters with free, scalable support in understanding Google’s site crawling, site indexing and page ranking results.

STEP 6.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics analyzes all your sites traffic info and presents it in easy to understand graphs. How many daily visitors, how many new visitors, is traffic increasing daily, which days/hours have the most traffic, what sites are sending you this traffic.

By adding a simple snippet of code to your site or blog you can start understanding how your visitors interact with your web site so you can make improvements that can benefit your site/blog.

STEP 7. Website Optimizer

Signing up with Google’s Website Optimizer  is a advanced concept, this suite allows you to literally set up competing mobile friendly site pages, ads, page styles and test which ones convert visitors into customers or cause them to make a choice you want them to perform. (sign up for a newsletter..etc)

STEP 8.  Google Adsense

( I don’t recommend this one, you should NEVER show ads for other companies products on your site)  Google Adsense is how you can serve up competing companies products on your companies pages and earn some small change for them stealing your customer.

STEP 9. Google Checkout

A way to sell your products using Google’s Checkout eCommerce payment program.

STEP 10  Google Site Search

Site Search is Google’s internal search engine to use on your web site/blog. Your customers use Google’s search engine technology to search your web site for relevant content.

I hope you find the above info helpful and creating more traffic and sales for your self.

Hawk Bailey
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Free and Easy Bulk Backlinking

Posted on | March 2, 2012 | 85 Comments

  Free Bulk back linking Services will help with Search Engine Rankings.

The best back links are one way back links to your site from other sites on the internet. Doing your own S.E.O. and Back Link indexing is the best way to keep your costs down plus valuable to you because you can resell these services to others as a secondary income stream.

Do not leave the following  bulk submission sites until all submissions are completed.

1st provider is http://www.imtalk.org with one way back linking to your web site from 2,500+ directories. You enter your site address and the keyword string you wish to come up under and them press the auto submit button. – Only your root domain can be submitted.

A 2nd provider is http://www.indexkings.com allows you to make multiple site submissions at the same time to 15,000+ directories making it a quick and easy job of submitting all your web sites at the same time. – Allows deep directory linking.

The 3rd provider is http://www.bulkping.com and you will use it to submit your sites to 3,500+ more directories. – All multiple site submissions.

- Even if your site is old, there’s no harm in submitting it to these sites. Just go ahead and submit it.

- On each page, you need to wait until submission is done. It usually take a few minutes or up to an hour depending on your internet speed.

Additional Notes:

- Each listing includes a ping back to assure the listed site is live and available.

- The backlinks you’ll be getting are great for a start. Don’t expect to get ranked overnight with it.

This Weeks Special $10 Secure your Blog

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If you installed your blog using the Fantasico Installer on your hosted blog then you are open to script kiddy hacking suites. For $10 I will fix the following issues default installations introduce.

The default installation is so full of holes that there are bots that do nothing else but go out looking for this auto installation and hack them.

You need to enter your hosting providers cpanel to secure the database, add a .htaccess file to secure the admin folder, change file permissions, and then block the display of WordPress errors and version numbers.

You can do this yourself by installing a security plugin and following the instructions to the letter. If your not comfortable doing it let me do it for you for a sawbuck.

$10 is all I charge for this service. CLICK HERE

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Checklist on Starting your WordPress Blog

Posted on | February 7, 2012 | 40 Comments

View these free videos first from a understanding on S.E.O. and Traffic Building on the cheap. S.E.O.Traffic Building.

Decide what your web site/blog is about, sales, hobby, pleasure, now do a web search for similar businesses, choose 2 or 3 words that best describe the niche your working in. These will help you find your keywords

1. Now use a free keyword list tool to find at least 2 of these keywords (3 is better)  Type in the 2 or 3 words describing your niche. Choose similar keywords in combos with the least amount of paid competition. The column to the right will give Competition rating “low” is what you want.

2. Try to find a 2 or 3 keyword combo with at least 100,000+ local searches a month, the idea being at even a 1% conversion rate this is 1,000 hits a month to your site/blog. Now buy your domain name using those keywords in your domain name.

(b) the idea is to have these keywords in your domain name, meta keywords, meta description (what your blogs about) and meta content (first 60 – 80 words shown in search engine results) plus through out each post and pages content. This is essential to Search Engine Optimization, if you do this part right then you do not need to spend money for others to do this for you

3. Decide if your going to design a web site or a blog, a blog is much quicker and easier to start from. If you choose a WordPress Blog,
I have a 43 part video tutorial for $7 that will walk you through every step of setting up a WordPress blog from scratch.

4. For a free hosting site I recommend http://www.000webhost.com, its a excellent hosting site with a full cpanel. You use the Fantasico software installer to install WordPress. You can use the WordPress video tutorial to do a manual from scratch install.
(You only have to add a small ad at the bottom of your blog in exchange for the free hosting) About paid Hosting

5. Once you have installed WordPress it’s time to secure your WordPress installation, you should add WSD Security Plugin and follow the instructions. In the instructions for cpanel security changes even though WSD security reports you have 775 security rights to make the page changes when you do not have them. Follow the instructions and change them manually in cpanel. When your done change them back to 655.

(b) Next install the All in One S.E.O. plugin, add your keywords, blogs meta description, meta content, when creating your posts and pages use your keywords in the Titles and Page names as much as possible. Customize each new pages “meta keywords”, “meta description” and “meta content” to match each pages content as close as possible.

6. It is now time to purchase a WordPress Theme you like or to choose a Free Theme you like the looks of and customize it with your own pictures, video, picture gallery and such. Once you have chosen the Theme you then either auto install using the theme installer or upload it as a zip file for installation.

7. The most important part is to write our own unique content for your blog posts (at least 500 words), then join several Blog article directories, these are services that offer your unique content for other Bloggers to reprint on their blogs. You do this because you can add your name, blog description, and hyperlink to your blog in 3 separate lines at the bottom of each article. These create back links to your blogs that will help with search engine rankings.

8. Now join Linkedin, Twitter and other social media sites to advertise your blog on. These also create back links, join Bit.ly url shorting service, this service not only shortens urls, it keeps track of which social postings are clicked on, what time they are click on. You then know which messages were effective and at what time.

9. Now another excellent free service is http://translate.google.com advertising in as many languages as possible increases traffic links to your blog which increases search engine rankings. By no means 100% accurate it is still is quite effective in drawing traffic to your blog.

10. Listing service urls as I have in this article both internal to this blog and external also helps, some blog directories only allow a certain number per article so make sure you check their requirements. search terms “free blog directories for posting too”. Use the free blog services that have you sign up for auto pinging, this means when you write a new post these directories automatically receive notice that you have written new content and they will review this new content.

I hope you find this checklist helpful to starting your Blog up.


How to start a Blog with S.E.O. for Less!

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